Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Best Driver I Have Already Found

Today..All passengers and I get excellent services from bus driver (Mr. HAmb XXX)
Fittingly, he knows everything isn't running wellhe always makes sure the details in his bus run wellwindow opened (eventhough itsn't too wide), strange sound from good structuring should have been..

he arranges the songs very well..he "dances" n also followed by his bus appropriating the songs rhythm..He's very attractive by inviting the passengers smile n makes a joke..

oh god!!
When he is eating, he always offers to us in advance..The sentences I'll never and ever forget is when a certain s.t. is out of control he says "Ya Alloh Ya Rabb, Allahuakbar" by giving his nicest more..he never forget his God, when the time is for praying it means : his bus enters mosque or gas station to pray..perhaps his bus follows us to pray..

Oh God!
Is he Ur angel in Ur bus?If Ur buses are driven by an angel like him..
hmmm..What a beatiful world..
Thanks God..

July , 25th 2010

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